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13108 Tampico Madero Little Saturdays In the good and the bad times, the fans show all their support. Lista de Reproducción
14614 Leones Negros Go to Hell A show of discontent from the Leones Negros (Black Lions) fans Lista de Reproducción
14694 Leones Negros A*shole A*shole When fans are not happy they remind to the referee or some player what they think about him Lista de Reproducción
14748 Leones Negros Goya! NEW The origin of these chant is uncertain but some people track it some decades ago. When students of National Autonomous University of México, back in the 40´s escape from classes to go to the Goya (painter) cinema that was located near University, they were shouting these words. In these audio we can hear Chivas supporters changing the real words of the chant to give it an offensive meaning, they sing these in matches against Pumas Lista de Reproducción
14980 Leones Negros They Come to See NEW When fans are not happy Lista de Reproducción

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